What is the Tulsa Gridiron, and why does it have such an odd name?  Does it have something to do with football?

In this instance, the “Gridiron” term is not a reference to football.  Instead, it refers to the common cooking griddle often used in frying bacon and making pancakes.  In our case, elected officials and other public figures, as well as pop-culture and sports icons are verbally “grilled” or “griddled” in a live-theater production set to songs and skits with highly irreverent comedic intent.

Who governs the Tulsa Gridiron?

It is governed by the Tulsa Gridiron Educational and Charitable Trust.  The Trust is headed by a chair who is elected from among the Trust members.  The members have varying professional backgrounds including news reporters, public relations practitioners, accountants, IT professionals, sales, and others.  The Trust is designated a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Does the Tulsa Gridiron have a mission?

Yes. Its mission is to support college students pursuing degrees in journalism or communications through scholarships. The proceeds from the Gridiron show are collected and managed by the Gridiron Trust, a 501©3 charitable non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service. Scholarships are awarded to local students.
Yes.  Its mission is to support free speech and political and social commentary.  It does so by contributing proceeds from the Gridiron show to support college scholarships for journalism and communications students.

How often is the Gridiron show staged?

It is an annual event held during the first quarter of the year.

How long has the Tulsa Gridiron show been around?

The Tulsa Gridiron’s inaugural performance was in 1933.

Who writes the script for the show?

The show is written by a number of Tulsans volunteering their time and talents to create fresh, original humor based on current events.

How are the scholarships awarded and administered? Who gets the scholarships? How does one apply for a scholarship?

The Tulsa Gridiron provides money to support existing scholarships for journalism and communications students offered by local colleges and universities.  Those educational institutions are responsible for administering their own programs and awarding scholarships to students.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for the Tulsa Gridiron?

Yes. Sponsorships are available at a variety of levels. While the Gridiron show provides a great time for the audience, it’s also a worthy cause. As a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit, the Tulsa Gridiron contributes to scholarships offered by local universities and colleges for those students pursuing journalism or communication degree programs.

Your sponsorship of the Tulsa Gridiron can help us continue our many decades-long endeavor to further the great American tradition of political humor and social commentary, and our celebration of free speech.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities,
please contact us at 918-970-0301.


How can I get tickets to the show?

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